Grades 6-8

At this point, the majority of Children this age have social networking accounts and are actively networking with others using various forms of technology (i.e. apps, games, messaging, etc.). At this stage, it’s imperative for them to understand the permanency of their actions online, as once they send, save or share, their information is out there – and stays out there – forever. The programs for the 6th-8th grade students have a different tone than the programs for the younger grades, as the things these kids this age are getting into require digging a bit deeper into topics like responsible posting, and understanding how they can make technology work for them, not against them.
The following is an example of what is covered during this session:
  • Social Networking
    • Current trends
    • Privacy settings, content filters
    • Controlling who has access to your information
    • Your rights (and lack thereof): Who is allowed to see what?
    • What happens to your information when you post it?
  • Interactive Gaming Trends and Rules
  • All About Apps
    • Age limitations of certain social networking apps
    • App trends
    • App appropriateness
    • App tracking
    • Privacy settings
    • Geo-tracking
  • Technology Tattoos
    • What you put out there stays out there
    • Making it work for you not against you
    • Being proud of what you post
    • Tracking capabilities
    • Potential long-term consequences of inappropriate posts
    • Benefits of creating a favorable and positive online reputation and brand
    • Owning your information- Cyber Action Plan
  • Cyberbullying
    • Conflict versus bullying
    • How to take action
  • Sexting/Child Pornography:
    • Definition
    • Sexting under the age of 18
      • What are the consequences – both immediately and long term?
  • Viral Kindness
  • Cyber Action Plan Teaches About Intellectual Property.  Free of Online Predators and Bullies! Learn more
  • Q&A: Time permitting, Virgil invites questions from the students
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