College Students

Today, technology and devices such as smartphones have taken college behaviors to a whole new level. With the advent of picture phones and instant online sharing, college students’ every move have the potential to be broadcast to millions of people with one click. Students are sharing their every move via social networks and various apps and many are facing serious consequences as a result. It’s important to stress that one picture or post could ruin their (or their friends’) future careers, as employers are constantly checking on potential applicants through their online activities.
This is an interactive program that invites students to share their personal experiences, as Virgil shares his, plus:
  • Think Before You Post: How Your Online Postings Can Affect Your Educational, Personal and Professional Career
  • Parties, Social Networks and Cell Phones: How the Three May Not Mix
  • Privacy
    • Who has a right to my posted information?
    • What privacy settings can do, and what they really mean for you
    • Building and maintaining a positive and hirable brand
  • Sexting/Texting:
    • Definitions, child pornography discussion and legal implications
    • What really happens to your information when it’s sent via text/picture message
    • What phone companies/app developers store
    • Sexting coercion
  • Acceptable Use: What Online Activity Schools Are Tracking as Part of Their Proactive Measure to Keep You (and the Schools) Safe and What This Means for Students
  • Current Events: Real-Life Case Examples (and Personal Examples) of Internet/Technology Successes and Failures
  • Cyber Action Plan Teaches About Intellectual Property.  Free of Online Predators and Bullies! Learn more
  • Q&A: Virgil invites questions from students
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