Grades 3-5

At this age, children are starting to become interested in communicating with friends online –  through various social networking sites (most of which they’re not allowed to be on) and interactive gaming. With more and more kids in this age range having access to their very own devices, it’s a great time to lay down some important foundations.
The following is an example of what is covered during this session:
  • What is personal information?
    • How do we make sure our personal information stays private?
  • Social Networking:
    • What are we using?
    • Age limitations
    • Who can see your information and posts?
    • Rules associated with using these sites/apps
    • Privacy settings
  • Interactive Gaming Rules
  • Cell Phone/Tablet Rules and Ways to Stay Safe
  • Cyberbullying: Definitions – What Actions Can be Taken if We Witness It
  • “Who Done It” – an interactive game showing kids why they should only be communicating with friends online
  • Cyber Action Plan Teaches About Intellectual Property.  Free of Online Predators and Bullies! Learn more
  • Q&A: Virgil invites questions from students
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