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Our Children are doing WHAT? What can I do to protect them? What apps should I be worried about? Is social networking safe? Is my child being cyberbullied? What’s texting? Sexting? What’s next? It’s often overwhelming being a parent today in our technology-driven society. Keeping up with the latest trends and dangers can often seem like an impossible task. Virgil will help you navigate the digital waters and let you know what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next when it comes to your children and technology and provide parents with proactive initiatives to keep children safe.
The following is an example of what is covered during this session:
  • Updates on the Latest Technology Trends and Dangers
    • Apps
    • Social networks
    • Device trends
    • Latest concerns
  • Social Networking:
    • What’s the latest?
    • Age limitations and restrictions
    • Rules and tracking
    • Privacy settings
    • Geo tracking
    • Who are children connecting with
    • Parents gone wild on social networks?!
  • Digital Tattoos
    • Implications of chronicling our lives online
    • Teaching our children to use latest tools responsibly
  • Interactive Gaming: Tips for Safe Gaming
  • Case Examples and Real Life Implications
  • Cell Phones/Smartphones/Devices:
    • Trends
    • Things to watch out for
    • Sexting
  • Cyberbullying Laws and Legislation: What do They Mean? What are the Implications? What’s Coming Up and How do We Prepare?
  • Overview of What Message Virgil Sends to Students
  • Rules and Regulations:
    • Proactive steps to make sure your children are safety using technology
    • Tools to help you be prepared to help foster a positive online experience for your family
    • Suggested restrictions and rules
    • Cyber Action Plan Teaches About Intellectual Property.  Free of Online Predators and Bullies! Learn more
  • Q&A: Parents are encouraged to asked questions throughout and the program will end with an open forum allowing parents more time to ask specific questions
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