School Administrators

What are children doing inside/outside of school that we should be aware of and/or responsible for? What are the current laws that our school should know when it comes to cyberbullying and internet/digital safety? What is the current cell phone/device policy trend in schools across the U.S.? Virgil will discuss all of these topics and share his experiences with hundreds of schools across the country.
The following is an example of what is covered during this session:
  • Updates on the Latest Technology Trends and Dangers
    • Proactive measures to keep children safe in your schools
    • Social networking:
      • Current trends
      • Social networking rules for school staff and administrators
    • Latest app trends
  • Cell Phones/Smartphones/Devices:
    • School policies and terms of use
    • 1:1 programs
    • User agreements
    • Parent education and participation
  • Sexting/Child Pornography
    • Definitions
    • Case examples
    • Legal ramifications
    • Appropriate school handling of reported incidents
  • Cyberbullying Laws and Legislation:
    • Definitions
    • Implications
    • How do schools prepare to handle situations
    • Legislative compliance in schools
    • Cyberbullying case studies
    • Cyber Action Plan Teaches About Intellectual Property.  Free of Online Predators and Bullies! Learn more
  • Overview of What Message Virgil Sends to Students
  • Q&A: Administrators are encouraged to ask questions throughout, but time will be reserved at the end to address particular questions
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